bio-pest Offers Green Pest Control Solutions

bio-pest is located in Salem, Oregon. We are an IPM practitioner operating under a simple concept; to provide effective pest management utilizing the safest, least toxic methods available.

Our Staff

Here at bio-pest, we understand your needs to eliminate pests from your home or business. All of our technicians are licensed and have undergone rigorous training. It has always been our goal and aspiration to provide our clients with quality performance with every job we do. We are committed to your satisfaction.

Our Mission

To provide consistency, quality pest options, and effective service for your home or commercial space. Pest control is not just about ridding bugs. It is all about delivering innovative and enviromentally safe solutions, an immediate response, on-time appointments and being responsible residents of our planet.

  •   No Sprays

  •   No Organophosphates/Carbamates

  •   No Synthesized Chemicals

  •   No Rodenticides (rodent poisons)

  •   No Aerosols

  •   No Harmful Volatile Solvents

The above methods and chemicals are commonly used in conventional pest control, and may result in poisons being introduced into the environment, killing beneficial insects and wildlife. Use of rodenticides causes risk of accidental poisoning to children, pets, or other wildlife. Aerosol cans cannot be recycled, and often contain materials which can cause damage to the atmosphere. Many solvents and carrying agents in common pesticides cause side effects and can be hazards as well.

Integrated Pest Management

At bio-pest we start with the insect first. Identify the pest and know it's biology and use that to eliminate the pest. We will educate you on conditions conducive to the pest so you can take the appropriate steps and help prevent future infestations from reoccurring.


Inspection - Treatment