Woodburn Pest Control

If employees or customers find pests in a building, they are quickly turned off and may not want to return. Pests are just bad for business. CA and OR business owners need affordable pest control services for infestations of ants, rodents, bees, and wasps. Bio-Pest believes using natural methods to control pest problems is better for the environment. They use techniques such as isolating pests, removing their colonies, cleaning affected areas, and spraying botanical products to prevent them from returning to your building.

Green Ant Treatments

Ants love to crawl through food areas in the kitchen and dining room and throughout restaurant workspaces to feed on dry food in storage areas, food scraps, and crumbs. They are famous for invading pantries, laundry rooms, and anywhere people might take food within a building. Some ant varieties are harmless, and others can bite. It is important to use green methods to prevent ants from spreading throughout a home or business. Bio-Pest technicians locate and eliminate ant problems wherever they occur, especially in places that you might not think they would hide.

Eco-Friendly Rodent Control

Rats, mice, and other rodents love to hide in hidden spaces and feed on foods, bugs, and small animals. They can become destructive in businesses and restaurants and contaminate foodstuffs. Rodents enter a building through the smallest opening and begin to reproduce. If they are not quickly eradicated through natural methods, they frighten people who encounter them. Instead of using inhumane traps and glueboards and spraying toxins, Bio-Pest professionals uses eco-friendly techniques to make buildings rodent-free any time of year.

Natural Bee and Wasp Treatments

Assorted varieties of bees and wasps occur inside and outside of homes and businesses. They love to find places where they can protect their queen and grow their colonies. When children and adults are bitten by bees and wasps, they can sustain bites that are quite painful. Some people can experience bad reactions to bees and wasps even if they weren't sensitive before. All instances of bees and wasps should be minimized. Natural treatments for bees and wasps do not involve spraying poisons that harm children or pets.

Cost-Effective Pest Control

Bio-Pest has been serving businesses and homeowners in California's Sonoma and Marin Counties and the greater Willamette Valley in Oregon for over two decades. We provide eco-friendly pest control for ants, rodents, bees, and wasps without charging you unreasonable rates. Regular pest control services using our green methods are your best bet for getting rid of these problems throughout the year. For a free quote, please contact Bio-Pest's Woodburn location, always ready to address pest infestations without hurting the natural environment.


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