Quality Pest Control in Wilsonville, Oregon

The nearly 20,000 residents of the lovely city of Wilsonville, Oregon, enjoy small-town living at its best with friendly neighborhoods and easy access to excellent schools and employment opportunities. The city also features a nice climate that offers warm summers and mild-to-cool winter months, and temperatures rarely fall below the freezing mark. As a result, Wilsonville is a haven for many nuisance insects all year long. Here at Bio-Pest, these are just a few of the most common insects that we're regularly called upon to eliminate from area homes and businesses.


At least 200 ant species call Oregon home, but there are three main nuisance ants that we typically see in area residential and commercial properties. These include pharaoh ants, odorous house ants, and pavement ants, and each of these ants will invade structures in search of any little tidbit of food that may be available. Pharaoh ants are of special concern because they spread disease, and a single colony may contain several queens and hundreds of workers. With multiple queens and over 100,000 workers, odorous house ants may completely overrun your home, and pavement ants live in colonies with some 10,000 workers that are capable of delivering an unpleasant sting if provoked. We eliminate ants with a baiting system that eradicates the entire colony.


Bed Bugs

It's a common misconception that only dirty houses get bed bugs. In truth, these tiny insects may come home with your children from a sleepover, find their way inside on a piece of used furniture or even stow away in your suitcase when you stay in a hotel. Once inside, they'll hide in carpets, mattresses, cloth furnishings and even your child's stuffed toys, and your family members will wake up each morning covered in bites that may cause an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals. Bed bugs can be a difficult infestation to fight, but we use a variety of methods to eliminate every last one. These include a special vacuum that leaves no bug behind.

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Bees and Wasps

It's an understatement to say that bees are an important part of our lives because they're responsible for pollinating around 30 percent of our food crops. We'd miss out on many of our favorite foods without bees, but this insect may become dangerous if it's allowed to build its hive near human dwellings. Honey bees may live in colonies of up to 60,000 individuals, and they will sting if they feel threatened. These stings are painful and may even prove fatal to allergic individuals. Wasps that take up residence near homes are even more of a problem because they are often extremely aggressive and can sting a person or a domestic pet repeatedly. It can be dangerous to attempt to eliminate these insects by yourself, and our technicians are expertly trained to effectively deal with these stinging insects.

Earth-Friendly Pest Control Available

Here at Bio-Pest, we bring more than 20 years of pest-control experience to the residents and business owners of Wilsonville. We're available to eliminate these insects or any other pests that may be giving you trouble, and we use only proven pest-control methods that are friendly to the environment and meet organic-certification requirements. Give us a call at 888-685‑7079, and we'll be happy to provide you with a free estimate for our services.


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