Stayton Pest Control

Since 1994, Bio-Pest has provided effective and eco-friendly pest control services to residents and commercial businesses in the areas surrounding Sonoma, California and Oregon's Willamette Valley. Our reputation is well known for delivering top results to all our clients. Our team of trained and knowledgeable technicians are ready to treat any type of infestation, including ants, bed bugs, and roaches.

Top Residential Pest Control in California and Oregon

Most homeowners do not want the hassle of dealing with unwanted pests. Our customized services help prevent pest problems in parts of California and Oregon. Some of the most common insect infestations include ants, bed bugs, and roaches. Even the cleanest homes fall victim to these unsightly bugs. Bio-Pest keeps your property pest-free and healthy. Our Integrated Pest Management approach brings very little risks to human health or the environment.

Commercial Pest Control Services

As a business owner, it is important to prevent insect infestations. Customers must feel safe and comfortable, or profits will suffer. At Bio-Pest, we offer convenient appointments and provide preventative programs, which treat individual problems. We get to the bottom of your issues and bring you a safe and effective solution.

Eco-Friendly Ant Treatments

Ants are common problems for houses and businesses. The western United States is home to approximately 200 species. Some of these ants cause great structural damage. At Bio-Pest, we do not use chemicals that bring health concerns. For effective elimination, we utilize barrier systems that destroy entire colonies.

Green Bed Bug Treatments

Although bed bugs are not known to spread diseases, they cause itchy bites that may lead to infections. These oval-shaped insects feed on human blood and usually hide in bedding. These pests are becoming immune to most conventional chemical treatments, so we use natural methods to control problems. Our team works with clients to vigilantly sanitize effected areas, trap bugs, and vacuum away eggs and any traces that remain. To prevent further problems, we continue to monitor areas and dust with various botanical products.

Natural Roach Treatments

Roaches transmit bacteria and cause respiratory issues. The German cockroach is most commonly found in this area of the country. This pest breeds frequently, which turns infestations into big problems. To eliminate these challenging bugs, we use a three-step method. A low-impact dust is applied in cracks to flush out the roaches. After the insects are visible, they are sucked up with a hepa-vac. Finally, bait is placed to attract remaining roaches. To prevent future problems, it is advised to keep the areas clean.

Affordable Pest Control in Slayton, Oregon

Bio-Pest has been serving communities with green pest control for over two decades. Our experienced technicians identify and eliminate pest problems and offer protection from further issues. To receive a free quote, call us at (888)685-7079.


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