School Integrated Pest Management

bio-pest has years of experience working with schools. From college campuses to small charter schools, our methods will fit your IPM Plan. We can help you develop, facilitate, or implement your plan. Due to our unique methods of pest control, there may be limited to no posting requirements, depending on your plan specifics.

Many states are requiring school districts to implement IPM (Integrated Pest Management) plans and programs into their existing array of rules, regulations and procedures. Among these are requirements of pre-treatment posting and notification to parents and staff, specific steps for the school staff to take before calling in a pest management professional, and even appointing an individual at each property to be the designated IPM contact.

We at bio-pest have been working with school districts large and small throughout the Greater Willamette Valley, Oregon. We service a variety of schools from college campuses to small charter schools. Our professionals have been offering service for years to implement safer and more effective methods and plans to treat as well as prevent pest infestations. We are a green pest control company and since we do not use any sprays, rodenticides (rodent poisons), or other harsh chemicals, our methods fit right in with School IPM Plans. We can simply be the last one in when a pest issue has to be treated, or we can be your IPM Coordinator and help in the prevention.

Call us for a free consultation. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our results and the low impact our services will have on your budget and the health of all involved.


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