Green Pest Control for Pantry and Fabric Pests

Pantry Moths, Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles are among a list of many pantry and fabric pests. Though their diets are vastly different, they can be treated in similar ways. The first step to any IPM treatment is and inspection and identification. Once we have identified both the species of pest and their target food/harborage, we can begin treatment.

How to Tell if You Have Pantry Moths

Pantry moths gain access into your home or apartment through dry pre-packaged foods. Moths may already be fully grown or in their larvae stage at this point. The most common homes for pantry moths include breads, flour, cookies, pastas, spices, beans and cereals. Your pet food isn’t necessarily safe either. Products like birdseed are a big target for pantry moths.

To figure out if you have pantry months, start by checking your pantry. Of course, despite their nickname, these moths can reside anywhere in your kitchen. The biggest sign of these pests is holes throughout the packages or boxes of your food. Pantry moths may also leave a smell behind.

Indian Meal Moth

Carpet Beetle

Green pest control services

Most Pantry moths, as well as clothes moths, use pheromone scents to attract the male of the species to mate. We will use traps that imitate the specific pheromones, trapping the male and breaking the reproductive cycle. This is only one step in stopping the infestation, but it is a very important one. Sanitation and keeping foods in air-tight sealed containers is another important step in treating as well as in preventing future infestations.


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