Dallas, OR Pest Control

Bio-Pest has been providing effective, environmentally friendly pest control solutions for residential and commercial properties since 1994. We offer our services to customers in Oregon's greater Willamette Valley and the California counties of Marin and Sonoma. Bio-Pest has earned an outstanding reputation for providing superior results on every job. Our knowledgeable, highly trained team members have the experience and skills to handle all types of infestations, including roaches, ants and bed bugs.

Superior Residential Pest Control Services in Oregon and California

Dealing with unwelcome pests can be challenging for most homeowners. Different pests require different treatment plans, and many homeowners are uncertain of which treatment would work best for their specific situation. We offer a customized, integrated program of pest management to help prevent and resolve pest problems in the areas of Oregon and California that we service. Three of the most common infestations found in residences are roaches, ants and bed bugs. These pests can invade even the cleanest home. The Bio-Pest approach to pest control helps keep your property healthy and pest-free while minimizing any risks to the environment, human health or pets.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Whether you operate a restaurant, clothing boutique, grocery store or office, most of your customers will have an extremely negative reaction if they spot an insect inside your business. Your profits can suffer as a result of an insect infestation; Bio-Pest can help protect your investment as well as your reputation. We can schedule appointments at times that are most convenient for you, whether you need to eliminate an existing infestation or want a program to prevent a future infestation. We will work with you to find the root of your problem and resolve it safely and effectively.

Environmentally Friendly Roach Treatments

Roaches can pose a serious threat to human health. They can spread diseases such as salmonella, and they have also been linked to respiratory problems, including asthma. The most common type found in our service area is the German cockroach. This type of roach has an extremely short reproductive cycle, with approximately four months required for an egg to grow to a reproductive adult. A single egg sac contains an average of 32 eggs although the actual number can be as many as 50. This prolific breeding means that a few roaches can turn into a major infestation in a relatively short time. Because the German cockroach is a secretive, nocturnal pest, Bio-Pest uses a three-step approach to treating an infestation. We treat the cracks where roaches hide with a low-impact dust to flush them into the open. As the roaches appear, we use a hepa-vac to suck them up. The third step is to place bait strategically to attract and kill any remaining roaches. If the property is kept clean after treatment, the risk of re-infestation can be reduced.

Ant Control

Ants are commonly found in both residential and commercial structures, with more than 200 species found in the western part of the United States. Some ants, such as carpenter ants, can cause substantial structural damage. At Bio-Pest, we prefer barrier systems that can destroy entire colonies and avoid chemical solutions that pose health concerns.

Dallas Bed Bug Treatments

For approximately 50 years, it would have been difficult to find a bed bug in the United States. However, since 1995, these pests have been spreading across the country and becoming increasingly prevalent. Bed bugs feed on human blood, typically while the human is sleeping. Their bites, although not known to transmit disease, are quite itchy and may become infected. Bed bugs are small enough to hide in a variety of locations, but they are often found in bedding, as they prefer to stay close to their food source. Bed bugs are quickly developing an immunity to most of the chemicals used in conventional treatments, so Bio-Pest uses botanical products and natural methods to eliminate infestations and prevent re-infestations. We work with our customers to sanitize the area, trap the bed bugs and remove eggs.

Affordable Pest Control in Dallas, Oregon

For more than 20 years, Bio-Pest has been providing customers with green pest control services at affordable prices. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to identify and eliminate pests of all types as well as provide protections against future issues. For a free quote, call Bio-Pest at (888)685-7079.


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