Crawlspace Restoration in Marion County & the Surrounding Areas

When there have been rodents, raccoons, skunks, opossums, feral cats or other animals living under your home, they will most always leave a smelly, unsanitary, and often unhealthy situation in the sub-area. We can help by removing soiled insulation, debris, and damaged vapor barriers and restoring the crawlspace to a cleaner state. Though this can be expensive, it is a necessary part of living in a healthy home. 40% of the air you breathe in your home comes from your crawlspace and attic. They should be free of toxins.

How Crawl Space Pests Damage your Home

As humidity levels in your basement or crawl space rises, termites and carpenter ants will become attracted to the moldy, rotting wood.

Due to global warming, termites are starting to change their natural habits: instead of sending out big swarms, the drier climate has caused many of them to instead branch off their colonies, sending infestations to new areas and tunnel 10 to 20 feet underground. Because of their system of infestation, termite colonies can sometimes live for years in a home undetected, dealing severe damage before being found.

Ants in a house can cause very serious damage. Some species of carpenter ant queens can live for as long as 25 years, with the infestation leading to a damaged home, ruined food, and an uncomfortable home setting. Each species of ant comes with its own set of behaviors and survival techniques. For example, spraying pesticide on the small brown pharaoh ant can actually increase their numbers! The reason is that the spray will tend to confuse them and separate them from their colony. Once alone, they instinctively morph into a new queen and start a new colony in your home.

With mice and rodents, there's no such thing as just one. Reports show that one mouse is able to produce as many as 10 litters of six or seven young annually. As mice and rats walk, they leave a trail of scent, which tells other mice and rats that this space is safe, attracting them to move in as well. Mice carry many harmful viruses and bacteria, such as hantavirus and salmonella, as well as mites, ticks, ringworms and tapeworms.

Other pests such as beetles and crickets are not as likely to pose a threat to your health, but their continued presence ensures that they're eating away at the wood under your home, which will pose a major problem in the long run. And pests such as spiders and hornets will bite and sting- adding disturbing and unwelcome guests in your home. And as these pests begin to live, create waste, and die in the space, odors, mold spores, dander, and other unpleasant and allergenic substances will begin to travel upwards into the home.

Crawlspace Restoration Service Areas

Our professional at bio-pest offer crawlspace restoration to Marion County, Oregon, throughout Salem, Keizer, Albany, Corvallis, Portland, Wilsonville, Tualatin, Tigard, Lake Oswego, and the surrounding areas.


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