Commercial Pest Control Services in Oregon

bio-pest is the perfect fit for many commercial applications. Whether it be restaurants with roach or rodent issues, or warehouses storing food or fabric goods, our IPM approach is second to none. Without sprays or rodenticides, we can identify, eradicate and control pest issues.

Serving Marion County, OR

Our professionals offer our green, nontoxic, eco-friendly commercial pest control throughout Marion County, Oregon. Contact us today to learn more, schedule an inspection, or for a free quote.

Some of the Business We Treat:

  •   Restaurants

  •   School IPM

  •   Assisted Living

  •   Property Management


Restaurants, food preparation, food manufacturing and packaging facilities are not only concerned with what is around the food they work with, they are regulated at the county, state, and federal levels as to what can go on in the work area. Only specific chemicals are allowed to be used on or around food prep surfaces. Only certain methods of application are approved. At bio-pest, our methods, as well as the chemicals we use, are rated for food prep areas. Learn More

School IPM

bio-pest has years of experience working with schools. From college campuses to small charter schools, our methods will fit your IPM Plan. We can help you develop, facilitate, or implement your plan. Due to our unique methods of pest control, there may be limited to no posting requirements, depending on your plan specifics. Learn More

Retirement / Assisted Living

There are usually numerous health concerns surrounding Retirement Communities and Assisted Living Facilities. Due to the nature of these properties, many residents may have chemical sensitivities, allergies, or other adverse reactions to traditional spraying of chemicals, pesticide odors, or even pests such as roaches, rats, mice, etc. Even bed bugs can become an emerging epidemic if not discovered and treated quickly enough. Learn More

Property Management

bio-pest has extensive experience working with property management firms for apartments, retirement living, mixed-use business/residential, luxury condo communities, and HOA’s. Each property is different and has different needs. Learn More


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