Carpenter Ants in Salem, OR

Like their smaller siblings, the Carpenter ant can be found in and around homes and businesses throughout Oregon. They can be distinguished by their large size (as much as ½” long).

Unlike the “sugar ants”, Carpenter Ants build their nests in soft or damaged wood of trees or even man-made structures. They burrow into the wood to build nests for their growing colonies. There can be numerous satellite colonies in and around a structure, while typically the main colony will be outside, often in trees. You will likely see no more than 1% of the colony outside the nest at any given time. Carpenter Ants dietary needs are protein, carbohydrates, and water. They eat live or dead insects, fruit juices, or honeydew of aphids and scale.

Carpenter Ants

  •  Workers are wingless, dark shiny brown to black in color, and 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length

  •  Winged reproductive forms resemble workers in color and shape but are up to 3/4 inch long

  •  The body is constricted between the thorax and the abdomen

  •  The antennae are elbowed

  •  The front wing of a reproductive ant is longer than the hind wing

We use a highly effective bait solution instead of harsh sprays

Rather than injecting the wood within a structure or treating the sub-area with pesticides, or repeated sprays of the exterior of your home, bio-pest has perfected the baiting program for carpenter ants. Carpenter ants do not eat wood; they merely burrow into it to nest. They then travel outside in search of food. Since their dietary needs are carbohydrates, protein and water, this makes a baiting system the perfect solution for long-term control. Our proprietary bait stations are placed strategically around the structure, secured to the structure, where the carpenter ants would be coming out in search of food. The baits, both carb based and protein based, will supplement their existing diet and destroy even the largest or most cleverly hidden nests.

Bio-Pest is your local eco-friendly carpenter ant control expert

Contact our professionals today to learn more about our eco-friendly, nontoxic, carpenter ant solutions. bio-pest offers green ant control solutions throughout Salem, Keizer, Albany, Corvallis, Portland, Wilsonville, Tualatin, Tigard, and Lake Oswego, Oregon. Contact our professionals today.


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