IPM Bed Bug Treatments in Marion County, Oregon

Bed bugs were thought to be eradicated early in the 20th century, but have been making a comeback over the last 10-20 years. Their presence is not necessarily an indicator of a lack of sanitation. Bed bugs can be spread through traveling and staying in hotels, buying used furniture or mattresses, or staying anywhere overnight where they may happen to be.

Identifying bed bugs

Bed bugs are small oval shaped insects that feed on human blood, usually while you are sleeping. They hide as near as possible to their source of food, such as in mattress seams, box springs, or any crack or crevice they can find near the host. Adults can feed as often as every day or two, or as seldom as once or twice in a year. This is why they are so difficult to treat.

Bio-Pest offers green, eco-friendly treatments

Treating for bed bugs is a team effort between bio-pest and the client. There are certain steps that a client MUST do for any bed bug treatment program to work. Sanitation and vigilant cleaning/laundering of bedding and other materials will go a long way, but encasing mattresses, box springs, pillows, and other bedding can eliminate at least 50%-75% of the problem. Ours is a complex, yet low impact program including trapping & monitoring, crack & crevice dusting with botanical dusts, and use of a HEPA-vac.

Serving Marion County, OR

Our professional technicians offer bed bug treatments throughout Marion County, Oregon. Contact us today to learn more about our IPM, green, nontoxic bed bug treatments available to commercial and residential locations.


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