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Some of the worst pest infestations in homes or businesses that we deal with are caused by mammalian wildlife. There are several different kinds of wildlife that will invade human habitations.


Raccoons are mammals, recognizable by the dark fur around their eyes resembling a mask. They are the leading cause of rabies in the United States. Raccoons also spread others diseases, especially by leaving fecal matter anywhere they go. In addition, they can cause serious problems to the structure of any home or office. If they get inside a building, they will rip apart insulation, chew holes in the walls, and gnaw on electrical wires.


Opossums, also known as possums, are marsupials. They are hardy and can live in many different climates, and they sometimes infest crawlspaces, basements and attics. Like raccoons, they will spread disease (though they rarely carry rabies) and chew on walls and wiring.


Skunks are furry, striped mammals best known for emitting a foul stench as a defense mechanism. Skunks often carry rabies. They may cause damage to a building’s foundation due to their digging. They will rummage through garbage cans, leaving a mess in their wake. If startled or surprised, they release their trademark odor, which is noxious and difficult to remove.


Rodents are an order of small mammals. The most common rodent pests are mice and rats, both of which carry disease, contaminate food, and cause damage to buildings and wires with their sharp teeth.

If you encounter any of these pests, it’s best not to try dealing with them yourself. Contact Bio-Pest for a free price quote. We can remove them in a safe and eco-friendly manner.


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