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Earth Friendly & Green Pest Control Services

Safe environment

bio-pest incorporates methods and devices to control pests while making the least negative impact on the environment. Our methods include monitoring for pests by inspecting sites; eliminating structural conditions that encourage pests; and encouraging good sanitation, keeping your home and properties not only pest free but least-toxic and healthy. We use tools such as our own insect baiting system developed and perfected over the years, insect monitors, snap traps, spider brushes, and vacuum cleaners to trap and/or kill pests. While taking advantage of nature’s predator/prey relationships and pests’ mating insects.

Green pest control throughout Sonoma & Marin CA, Marion OR

bio-pest services Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, and Petaluma in Sonoma County California. We also service Novato, San Rafael, and Mill Valley throughout Marin County. bio-pest also services Marion County Oregon, including the areas throughout Salem, Keizer, Albany, Corvallis, as well as the southern areas of Portland including Wilsonville, Tualatin, Tigard, and Lake Oswego. Our service areas throughout California and Oregon ensure that your home or business receives the proper earth friendly, non toxic, pest control service that it deserves.

Our IPM approach

bio-pest is an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practitioner. IPM is an effective approach to controlling pest populations while causing the least amount of risk to people and the environment. IPM incorporates multiple pest control techniques, relying first on preventative measures and non-toxic controls, then on least-toxic chemicals (botanical or mineral-based) as a last resort, to control the target pests. Bio-Pest uses no rodenticides, no sprays...only chemicals that meet organic certification requirements, with an emphasis on chemicals that break down quickly in the environment, leaving little to no residual.

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